Skin care is everywhere. You can’t watch TV or browse the internet without products popping up promising to be “the next best thing in the industry.”  How do we really know what’s going to work?  Everyone is selling it too…your sister, sister-in-law, best friend, and in some cases your grandmother too.

About a year ago I was asked to go to a party centering around the latest skincare products.  One of my best friends (who happens to be an aesthetician like myself) asked me if I would be interested in tagging along.  When I was told that there would be food I immediately agreed and figured, why not?

The intentions are always good and the ladies involved are no doubt passionate about what they do.  The perks are good too. They have the opportunity to stay at home with their children, make great money, and in some cases if they bring in enough revenue, get a brand new vehicle.  I was a little skeptical, but didn’t want to be rude, so I just took in what was being said along with the veggie pizza and wine.  I know skin care.   I’ve been professionally trained and educated and also own my own spa. Maybe there was something I could take away from this, something I could learn.

I was surprised to see that there were not a lot of options.  Three primary kits to be exact that are designated for general skin types.  Most people couldn’t begin to tell you what skin type they have.  They are aware of the issues they may be having, but aren’t absolutely sure.  You could be oily at the moment, but actually have sensitive skin, therefore making the “oily kit” too harsh for you.  There are so many combinations of skin types and one pre-designed kit isn’t going to target your problem areas.

The hosts’ hearts are always in the right place.  However, without proper training and education one can not diagnose problems, let alone prescribe a product for someone without proper knowledge of these issues.  Would you trust someone without a medical background or education suggesting medication to take for a chronic illness?  I certainly would not.  I love my friends, but I’d consult my friend with a nursing background over my friend who is an accountant when it comes to my health.  You should feel that way about your skin too.

An aesthetician will suggest product that they’re licensed to sell.  The retail products offered at Radiance Day Spa has more active ingredients than the mainstream lines, and we are trained to use it effectively.  In most cases, it is sold at half the price of retail outlets.

The money that is spent on monthly recurring purchases can be used towards a product line that is hand picked for you by a licensed aesthetician and will last for months. At Radiance Day Spa we genuinely care about your skin.  If there are any concerns or issues we will gladly answer any and all questions, especially when your needs change, which they do.