Close-up of beautiful woman faceA flawless complexion exists right below the surface of your skin.

Skin care specialists find that a classic treatment is the fastest way there.  Skin resurfacing lasers replaced peels for some but are very expensive, running up to a thousand dollars and requiring more than one treatment and several days of down time.

A light chemical peel is much less expensive and gives beautiful results with no down time.  The goal is not to cause visible peeling but to infuse the skin with ingredients to diminish lines, build collagen and improve texture and tone.

Four reasons you might want to try a peel:

  • makes skin care products work better by lifting away dead skin cells and triggering a lovely chain reaction
  • low risk using a slow acting acid, which reduces irritation, helps to fade and control brown spots or hyper pigmentation
  • highly effective anti-aging treatment when used consistently
  • lactic acid treatments are great for even those clients with very sensitive skin

Make sure you schedule all facials with someone who has the right knowledge and experience for facials on your skin type.