spa-pampering2In a 2013 survey, results showed that adults were living with stress that is higher than what they believe to be healthy. The survey also showed that they are not having much success at managing or reducing their stress. Stress can affect so many areas of your life…work, marriage, sleep, etc.

No matter what the cause or source of your stress, it is important to manage your stress levels before it affects your physical health. Additionally, you don’t want to put medications into your system that could cause more harm than good because of side effects.

Did you know the number one reason people go to the spa is to reduce/relieve stress and relax? According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 the top five diseases will all have the underlying contributing factor of stress. It’s time to take care of yourself, give yourself a time-out at the spa to re-charge your batteries.

Over time, spa treatments can lower your blood pressure and add as many as six years to a person’s life. A day at the spa can aid in stress reduction, give your mind a chance to relax, and rejuvenate and refresh your body. Spa treatments are proven to not only reduce stress, but decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality and improve concentration.

Take care of yourself, improve your health and reduce stress…enjoy a day at the spa!